I’ve been intrigued by photography since the age of eleven. The magic of developing contact prints in saucers of chemicals on my bedroom carpet had me hooked. I soon acquired an enlarger. There was no stopping me now and as a teenager I must have been hell to live with. I constructed a darkroom in a big cupboard and my previously spotty but otherwise healthy complexion became quite pallid. After I had played with black and white the next big thing was colour. I was totally obsessed.

The years passed and apart from drifting in and out of high fidelity sound, the passion for photography continued. In my search for perfection the equipment had to be the best. This was my big frustration. However by the age of 30 I had somehow managed to afford a Hasselblad. There was no excuse now for inferior work.

Years later in 2006 I went digital. It wasn’t a slow transition – I embraced it immediately. I could now take on work that was impossible to do with film. I was in seventh heaven – and still am!

John Wood with Minolta Spotmeter