Gallery – Colour of Background Overlay

Both myself and very good friend (and fellow photographer) Simon Butterworth cannot agree what colour of background the large image should display on the website, or rather whether it should be white, grey or black.

After lots of testing, focus groups (my pals) and sore eyes, I’ve decided that for most of my subjects dark grey works. For landscapes, where the tones are predominately light, a white background does work best.

However there are caveats. If the image is small in relation to the screen, i.e if viewing on a 27 inch screen with an image 1024px X 686px against a white background, the effect on my eyes is severe dazzle. The colour tends to drain out the image and images that were on the edge of being a tad dark really do look dark. Simon tends not to agree. I tried a compromise of a mid to light grey but doesn’t solve anything – some pics work others don’t.

Decisions, decisions!!


2 thoughts on “Gallery – Colour of Background Overlay

  1. Hi John,

    I think the experimental gallery looks much better in white. The Burtynski China/Three Rivers Gorge shots reveal so much more in terms of subtle tone and texture against the white, the grey makes them look very ordinary and workaday. White is right!


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